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What’s Next?!

Millenials fashion has been recycling fashion from past decades. Leaves the question, whats next in fashion?

Early 2000s?

Futuristic fashion… well now that the future is here, and so far we’ve already seen a redo of each decade. 80s and 90s inspired fashion, aline skirts from the 20s and 60s made a comeback a few times.

We’ve recycled almost every trend that has passed under the sun. Lately, the “new-age” trend is to recycle multiple fashion trends from past decades; is it safe to say that that is what is our distinct generational trend is? Tiny sunglasses, piercings and colored hair is something we’ve seen consistently in the last five years but it indeed derives from 80’s/90’s fashion. Whether it’s been a blast from any of these past generations, today’s trends have all been a remix of already existing styles. Growing up in a completely different time where so much diversity exists and different cultures are accessible, its only natural that this would reflect in your style choices. We’re all about juxtaposing pretty much everything possible within one outfit. In the 90s we saw a lot of bold brand name prints, now we take it to the next level and wear many monogramming from different brands in one outfit, head-to-toe. We also see people get away with mixing prints and fabrics like feathers, sequins, plaids etc. During the late 90’s and early 00’s we’ve seen a glimpse of what fashion in the future could potentially look like and it’s definitely an idea that's revisited by many designers year after year.

Fashion innovators usually are looking for whats next after they’ve introduced whatever current trend is on and popping. Maybe we will see a comeback of K-Swiss, or Ice Cream sneakers, maybe even name belts! If there’s anything we do well is revamp trends from the past and give it a huge modern twist. From movies, music, to fashion, we are now seeing a huge wave of comebacks from the past with all these different twists that are either effected by technology, pop culture events, or just the individual mind. Vintage style will never go out of fashion however, there is a time approaching where fashion innovators will be ready to look to other sources for inspiration and ready for a new direction, i.e the future. This trend will not be dying out anytime soon; there are still many other possibilities to explore but its not hard to see what other kinds of styles are re-flourishing. So the question is, what's next? Will a whole new trend blossom? Will we continue to modernize past trends? What do you predict? Stay tuned and observe upcoming fashion shows as we're headed toward the new age, the fashion houses might give us some clues!

-Alan & Monroe