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To wear or not to wear knock-offs?


To wear or not to wear knock-offs? This is one of many ongoing discussions in fashion. Some institutions have conducted studies to determine the long term psychological effects of wearing knock-offs can have on an individual. Some studies determined that the folks who thought they were wearing knock-offs were more inclined to lying and cheating during the multiple tests given. For the sake of lightly covering this topic, we will take a different approach. Realistically, not everyone has the funds and access to hot designer garments as others may have. Knock-offs may be the only alternative. Knock-offs exposed, however, can be a very humiliating situation. I personally haven’t found any items I’ve felt passionate to settle for a knock-off version (never say never though!). I think the best way to approach this situation would be reworking the replica. If its a knock-off, it might swell have some originality to it. Make it a novelty piece! Below are some very good examples of designs painted on designer bags. Hopefully this inspires you!

All credits for art work goes to artist such as Kendra Thomas & Heart Evangelista.