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The Nail Frenzy Trend!!

The nail frenzy-trend seemed to sky-rocket soon after Cardi B's new proclaimed fame. Now, people are lining up to pay hundreds of dollars on nail designs. This year we've seen a lot of creative sets of nails including clear nails, Swarovski-studded nails, and holographic/metallic shiny polishes.

The new talk for nails in 2019 is much different than what we've been getting into. 2018 was all about drama and length. For 2019 you might want to cut back; short and natural nails are the new wave!

Some trends will continue onto the new year, like the 'jelly' nails, metallics, glitter and lavish studs. We'll be seeing more matte looks, rich reds, and half-moon designs for the new year, according to Glowsly's article on nails seen on models for fashion houses.

Extravagant nail art is something that may always be trendy, of course the more unique they are the more people will notice and compliment. Accented nails will also make a comeback for 2019, much like what we've recognized on our mothers and older sisters do back in the early 2000s. A nice consistent nail set being thrown off by one fingernail design will surely make your hands standout.

I appreciate nails that are taken care of, whether a nice clear polish, or Swarovski-filled two-inch nails; chipped polish is always a no-no! These fun new nail trends are something fun to look forward to. Whether you want to be bold or simple, 2019 nail trends seem to include it all. Fingernail designs are an extra detail that can emphasize your creativity and personality. It's okay if you don't even like to polish your nails, overall 2019 is about natural nails so now is your time to shine.

Regardless, do as you please with your nails, its all fun and games!