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Top 10 reasons to make space in New York City and how consignment and thrift and can help you!

  1. You're getting paid in clothes instead of cash leaving your account empty and your wardrobe clogged.
  2. Your landlord raised the rent and you have to move from a 1 bedroom to studio apartment.
  3. Making room for that baby and the wardrobe that no longer fits you or your new lifestyle.
  4. Recently got your first real job out of school and you need to upgrade your work wardrobe on a budget.
  5. Your parents are selling their big house and into a condo this means they're no longer willing to store your crap.
  6. You went impulse shopping and you regret every decision of it.
  7. You just want to reinvent yourself.
  8. Inherited your grandmother's closet contents and the shoulder pads are taking up all your space.
  9. Couldn't help yourself in a sample sale and now you have no place to put it.
  10. Your significant other is moving in and you have to give them half your closet space. 

When life happens we often find ourselves selling the content of our closet. Throughout the day at 11 Consignment Boutique hundreds of people will stroll in giving us the contents of their closet in the contents of their life. We do we can and we take what we can. Many people are new to flipping their closets and selling their items some are virgins and we suggest them where to go for which type of garments. Selling flipping in trading has become a hobby and a full-time job for some. We welcome the challenge and the ability to go through your items and see what we can do for you.

- Liz Murphy, Owner. @curatedbylizabeth


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