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KKW's secret to self-styling

First of all, I, Monroe, STAN! It is reassuring to know as a stylist myself, I naturally put together outfits conceptually the same way a fashion legend does: the Kim Kardashian West. According to this vogue article, “One of her most recognizable signatures boils down to a deceptively simple styling device: She loves nothing more than to wear a color—or print!from head to toe.I myself, agree this is the easiest trick. Drawing inspiration from Rihanna, Sita Bella, Ms. West and Lady GaGa, I find it easiest to pull trendy/badass/sexy looks by wearing a solid color from head-to-toe or a radical print. I favor consistency in one solid look, to me this is the way to turn heads. I believe it is quite a talent to be able to complete and master an entire look that will carry consistency in aesthetics entirely. It is always impressive and guaranteed a conversation starter when people wonder how you've found pieces to match, was it all bought separately or together? Was it planned or spontaneous?

Approval from the fashion icon Kim Kardashian West is always reassuring. In conclusion, “the next time you’re scratching your head figuring out what to wear? Just pile on a bunch of pieces in the same color or print à la Ms. Kardashian West. It’s an easy styling trick with maximum payoff,” (Allaire, 2019) approved and stamped by Ms. Fashion herself!


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