How we fit 10lbs of shit in to a 5lb bag - NYC Store Style – Eleven Consignment Boutique

How we fit 10lbs of shit in to a 5lb bag - NYC Store Style

With soaring rent prices we have to use every inch of space to make that rent money. We rely heavily on rotating our merchandise to all our other stores. Keeping the floor moving helps with sales we also always buy easy install cases and wall mount shelves to allow us constant movement and rotating of the furniture so we can squeeze and extra rack in here or there.


It’s my advice to any shop owner don’t make anything permanent so if need be or inspiration hits your not locked in to a set floor plan it also helps the customers think and see new merchandise. When we lay the floor our we made sure a wheelchair and baby stroller could get around easier. We go all the way to the Ceiling with the shelves this creates a safe space for the expensive items as well as used what would have been wasted space. In the last 7 years we have gone through many different types of rolling racks and showcases all it’s safe to say we change the store up one way or another every six months. A great way we find pieces is when big box stores have sample sales and get rid of their showcase and mannequins. Always on the hunt and always on the look out for the next great find. But the where to put it is always the million dollar question in NYC.