How safe is it really to sell LUXURY goods on Craigslist?? – Eleven Consignment Boutique

How safe is it really to sell LUXURY goods on Craigslist??


When listing anything over $500 on craigslist your guaranteed to have at least one scam email. We’ve heard it all at Eleven Consignment Boutique.


Here are some of our favorite stories:

  • I met someone at Starbucks, I sold them my bag for a thousand dollars the next day they said the bag was in Big and they wanted $1100 back.
  • I once sold my Chanel bag on the corner of 14th St. for $2000 when I got home to $2000 was fake money.
  • Receiving emails that say can you mail it to me and I’ll send you payments weekly.
  • People asking if they can trade for their broken fake Rolex.
  • People who have re-listed several times on craigslist only to find out that no one is willing to spend over thousand dollars on craigslist is it’s too hard to gather cash.
  • People who wanna me and my guy.
  • People who want to trade a gift card for my item.

At the end of the day when you’re selling a luxury item, the market of craigslist is not well suited as it’s geared more towards customers looking for trades and damaged items they can then flip again. Meeting someone on the street trying to sell a $4000 handbag is not ideal for the craigslist market it as best advertised in a store where the clientele is looking for that item.

 - @benmalikdaily