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Fashion Nova x Cardi B

It is undeniable that the Fashion Nova x Cardi B collaberation sales were impressive; ten million dollars, all sold out in the first ninety minutes! Cardi B teamed up with a very popular online website Fashion Nova for a line catering to those who want to look luxurious on a budget. Born in the Bronx, Belcalis Almanzar is all about looking expensive without hurting your pockets. Known for her comedic videos, Cardi B has expressed how to look chic while being financially savvy: go big on accessories, splurge on those Louboutin heels and Rolex but keep the body right with affordable clothing. Cardi B is a big advocate of Fashion Nova; she demonstrates how their jeans cater to voluptuous and curvy women for a good price. The struggle in finding jeans is real when you have a small waist and larger lower bottom. Cardi sppreciates a brand that caters to a woman's body.

We all know Cardi B for keeping it real and real hood, she demonstrates its okay to be boujie but always remember where you came from. She loves her designer brands, including Gucci, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Christian Cowan, Moschino, to name a few, however, she believes, mixing high end with fashion brands. Not only does she love flattering clothes, she also appreciates how designer brands put thought and detail into their products. With that being said, Cardi B enjoys a good asymmetrical piece, as well as oversized garments. Although the current (and reoccurring) head-to-toe-designer-name trend is fancy and fun, like Fendi seen on Kim K and Sita Bella, not everyone can afford this look. Mixing lower end clothing with high end accessories is a good way to be stylish and look luxurious while on a budget. A nice watch will make you look like a million bucks if you style your clothing well, as suggested by our good girl from The Bronx. 

So, what do we think? Did she nail the collaboration? Well she DID that OKURRR! Cardi B's collab with Fashion Nova definitely executed the line true to its mission: to create structure and unconventional detail while juxtaposing prints, fabrics, and colors, much like the Fashion houses. The mixing of textures, lengths, and different seasons within each outfit is very high fashion. Oftentimes, leather, suede, and velvet can look cheap, but Cardi B's goal was to make it look expensive with her suggested colors and cuts. When people say “that top is nice, whos the designer?!” you say “FASHION NOVA BABYYY” *Cardi B voice*

'These are some of my favorite looks taken off of the Fashion Nova website including their affordable prices:"