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Bronx Stand Up!

Our last article left us inspired and proud of our Bronxcite female rapper Cardi B. Bronx stand up!

Shout out to fashion designer Ralph Lauren, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, a new upcoming rapper, and Stan Lee the well-renown American comic book writer, editor, and publisher, who recently passed away on 11/12/2018, all alumni of DeWitt Clinton High School like myself (Monroe) to name a few. Let us take a moment to appreciate these artists who grew up in the Bronx and became very successful. Each person mentioned have all made a brand for themselves, unique and irreplaceable.

Will Marvel be the same moving forward without their original mastermind? Rest in peace Stan Lee, you have made a stamp in this world that will remain legendary. As a proud Bronxinian, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate some artists that have inspired the world and represent my hometown!