BEST COACHELLA LOOKS – Eleven Consignment Boutique


Cardi B -


Fun, very youthful and playful. Great accessory choices with matching bright Chanel backpack and sneakers, as well as her bright blue hair matching her jacket, still being sexy showing some leg but comfortable. The eyes can't help but to gravitate toward those two-inch long pointy bright yellow nails in typical Cardi B fashion. Love love love the bows on her head very Lady GaGa inspired. We love Trap Selena!


Winnie Harlow


Great color choice, my favorites, baby pink hair and lime matching top and bottom, cute cozy filas. Wet hair look was a great style for the event. Let's not forget the amazing door-knocker earrings, a nice spin! The measuring tape aligning her bathing suit is a sick detail. Awesome picture taken at the carousel; she wins best photo to me!


Kylie Jenner


I love an all denim look! Very young and fun as well, pattern was very unique but still understated, she flexed with arriving in a jet with rap-sensation Travis Scott. She won second best picture but #1 in flexing.


Gigi Hadid


Very youthful, hit it on the nail with the theme of boho-chic/cozy for coachella. Love how she stacked her neck and wrist with nostalgic bright beaded necklaces and bracelets, with a tiny multi-colored louis vuitton wristlet was a great addition. Makeup was very fresh, natural, yet glowy and young.


Ashlee Simpson


Like Gigi, she hit the theme very well with her long flowy dress nailing the bohemian/hippie look. Very fresh color choice, gold/beige print on her white dress to match her long flowy blonde hair, and of course the best accessory, her husband


Hailey Beiber


Loving her trendy denim look with the lace corest and very fun, trendy, comfy, afforadable and simple choice of sneakers- vans. The bulky gold accessories completed her a “bad-ass” look which is typical Hailey- very motorcycle inspired. She belong in a Bruno Mars video with this look. Very easy to recreate this look too! I approve!


Bella Thorne


Similar to Hailey Beiber with the “rebellious motorcycle look but more edgy and rockstar-esque. First off, the eye-catching subtle underboob was playful and sexy. The inside-out shorts are a must-have, and I'm obsessed with oil-slick anything especially shoes. The fringe jacket (as I'm currently wearing one while typing this) topping her cut-off graphic t-shirt was a great combination. and last, the bedazzled fish-net pantyhose was the cherry on top.

Side note: been dying to dye my hair this color for two years now, long over due!! Bella wins third best picture posing in front of a long wide empty street with palm trees in the background.